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At Harlow Law Office  we primarily specialize in matters surrounding Estate Planning, Probate, and issues related to Real Estate. Our full suite of services are below…

Living wills
Revocable living trusts
Probate avoidance
Durable powers of attorney
Financial power of attorney
Health care power of attorney
Medicaid asset protection trust
Estate taxes
HIPAA release
Trust administration
Stand alone retirement trust
Charitable remainder trust
Payable on death designation
Transfer on death designation
Hospice visits
Real Estate Matters

Purchase and/or Sale of Residential Property, Purchase and/or Sale of Commercial Property, Zoning Appeals.

Estate Planning
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The Basics

What is estate planning? Estate planning is defining your goals for you and your family, in times of disability or death, and then having an attorney execute your plan, so that your goals and your dreams are accomplished.  As a member of Wealth Counsel, this firm as access to specialized education in this area of law as well as a network of attorneys that have practiced this law for many decades.

Last Will and Testament, a “Will” is the most common and well known document of estate planning. Wills are very relevant today and are an important tool in all estate plans. Your Will determines where all of your assets go upon your passing.

Durable Power of Attorney is another well known tool. This document allows you to nominate someone to manage your assets for you. It can be designed to happen immediately or upon incapacity. Under Ohio’s most recent law, you may also nominate who you would like to serve as your guardian upon incapacity.

Health Care Power of Attorney allows you to nominate who you would like to make health care related decisions when you aren’t able to make them for yourself.

Living Will allows you to tell your physicians and loved ones that you do not want to be on life support.

Revocable Living Trust has become a very popular tool over the past decade. These trusts allow many people to maintain privacy in their estate by avoiding probate. They also allow for more control of the grantor (you) over how and when beneficiaries receive the fruits of your labor.

There are many other types of trusts that your research may turn up:

  • Pet Trusts;
  • A/B Trusts;
  • Marital Trust;
  • Bypass Trust;
  • Special Needs Trust;
  • Gun Trust; and 
  • Charitable Remainder Trust.

Feel free to ask how these types of trusts can work for you

Real Estate

Home Purchase

Many states require an attorney be involved in the process of a home purchase due to the complexity of issues. Ohio does not require it, but it is strongly recommended as an attorney only has a duty to represent you in the process and cannot be a dual agent or have any undisclosed financial interest in the purchase deal.

Title Work

When researching the title of a property, there can be problems. We can work with your title company to clear any issues with your chain of title, allowing you to sell or purchase your home with peace of mind.

Neighbor Disputes

Have you tried to have good relationships with your neighbors and still are not feeling heard? Having an attorney working on your behalf will take the emotion out of the situation and get it resolved.

Landlord – Tenant Issues

There are many issues that can arise when renting property or when being the landlord. You can have an attorney guide you through these issues.

Commercial Real Estate

Yes! We handle commercial real estate issues. How can we help?
Real Estate Services
Real Estate

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